Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chicken satay skewers

Today I was looking for a quick and easy starter to make  for my family and thought what could be easier than chicken peanut satay. Don't  let the fact that this is easy put you off because its absolutely delicious.
Ingredients: makes roughly 12 skewers
1/2 cup of peanuts (if salted wash salt off)
1/4 cup of coconut milk
1 tbsp sweet chilli
1/4 tsp each of cinnamon, chilli powder, ground corriander, cumin, ground ginger salt and pepper
1 tbsp of garlic ginger paste
3 breasts of chicken & a handful of wooden skewers
In A mortar and pestel of blender crush the peanuts to a paste. Add all other ingredients apart from chicken and skewers and blend into a paste. Reserve some of the satay for dipping and put the rest into a bowl.
cut the chicken into strips and toss in the satay. leave for about 20 minutes to marinade. soak the skewers in water to prevent them from burning then slide the skewers through the chicken. cook on a bbq or under a grill until browned on both sides. serve with the dipping sauce you made earlier.

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  1. Chicken skewers easy and yummy and makeo often.Like your satay sauce;)