Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Chicken wings 4 ways

I know all the Americans consider America the only place that can make a proper chicken wing so I hope you give me a chance and try out my recipe. The four types of wings I have decided to cook are slow roasted bbq wings, honey soy and sesame wings, hoi sin wings and sweet chilli wings. All are delicious and work really well as a starter or if you just fancy making a bowl of wings for people to pick at.

I start by chopping up the wings, cut off the wing tip as there is no meat in them then cut in half at the joint to make them easier to eat.
for my bbq wings I start with a dry rub consisting of smoked paprika, brown sugar, garlic salt, salt, pepper, oregano, ground cumin, ground coriander and ground cinnamon. add a tbsp of the first 2 ingredients and a tsp of the rest. it will  make more than you need but can be kept to be used again.

To make the wings add  them to a bowl and generously coat in the dry rub, place in roasting tin trying not to overcrowd the wings. cover in foil  and bake for 2 hours at 150°c or 300°f. After the 2 hours remove the foil and add your favourite bbq sauce to the tray. Toss the wings will to cover in your sauce, recover and bake for another hour. the wings should now be deliciously tender and falling off the bone.

The other 3 types of wings will be deep fried, as they are all asian influenced we can use the same seasoned flour for each type. For this seasoned flour we will need 1/2 cup of flour (doesn't matter whether plain or self raising) 1 tbsp chinese five spice, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp pepper. Add all the flour ingredients to a large bag with no holes in it or you'll be covered in flour. Our next step is to add the wings to the bag, give a good shake then deep fry. When the wings are crispy and floating in the oil we know they are done. 

Take the wings out and drain on a paper towel. for the honey sesame soy wings mix a tbsp of soy sauce, tbsp honey and a teaspoon of sesame oil in a cup, add a pinch of salt and pepper, whisk to combine, if its not mixing put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the honey. Take 1/3rd of the wings and place in foil, toss in the soy mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

For the other 2 types of wings I'm feeling a little lazy so I use bottled sauces, I  cover one set in hoi sin and one set  in sweet chilli, cover in foil and put the 3 parcels of wings on a baking tray and bake with the bbq wings for their last hour of cooking the result is lots of sticky tasty wings,

Happy Eating

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